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Radio-guide C100

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Respeta el medio ambiente

C100 is a tour system with 100 channels that allow to develop a guided tour without interference, as in places where it is essential to maintain silence as in noisy places, where is difficult to attend the visit.

Fabulor presents a simple, compact design with numeric display indicating the channel of synchronization of devices that can be selected with the keyboard, the indicator of the level of autonomy of the battery, the volume and the power of sound reception.

Once changed the channel, the keyboard is locked, insurance that there are no problems of that by mistake, the customer change the channel. Tourist only has access to raise or lower the volume, turn on and turn off the radio-guide.

The Mod. C100 works with lithium batteries, with an autonomy of ignition for 30 hours and 20 hours use.

Fast and simple recharging system.




  • Portable transmitter.
  • Mp3 playing function.
  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium battery, only 4 hours charging time.
  • Slim design and nice looking. Very small size.
  • LCD screen to control the level of battery, channel and volume.
  • Frequencies of European regulation (863-865 MHz).
  • Up to 280 meters of range from the Transmitter to the Receiver.
  • 100 independent channels to choose.
  • Back with belt clamp for easy carrying or hung to the neck with a ribbon.




Wave Band 863 - 865 MHz
Nº of channels 100 channels
Output Power 10 dBm
Sensibility -110 dBm 
Distance 200 meters
(Open ground/ without interference)
S/N ratio >60 db
Input Microphone / Audio
Output Earphone / Audio (3.5mm)
Power Supply

3.7 V Rechargable Lithium Batteryde

(Duration 20h)

Dimensions 52mm x 72mm x 16mm
Weight 45 gram (battery included)
receiver c100


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